Nature’s beings

Talking about nature’s beings

You’re said to be a fool

If you believe in them


But I don’t care

What do we really know?


They are invisible to our eyes

But not for those of us who can see

I really wish that I could too

The old can remember if they saw

For a hundred years ago


Pan the Prince of nature

Calls for our help

To save nature


He cries with the undines

When the dolphin’s baby dies

In the womb of her mother

The whales and other fish

Are complaining that the

Seas are too poisonous

To be incarnated into


All the elves and other

Nature beings

Most of them are said to be

Evacuated to a another planet


I can’t say

That I’m correct

But deep inside

I’m quite concerned

Reading this

Am I crazy?

No but I can’t just say

That this does not exist


Pan says they can’t do their work

On a planet filled with pollution


And pain


Sylfides are working in

Bad air

They are supposed to bring

Moisture to the plants


The fire salamanders

Are supposed to keep

The flowers warm


When the plants are dying

The flower fairies



The leaves of the trees

Have tears

The devas are killed

Not warned

When their trees

Are chopped down


All gnomes that take care of plants

Maybe will disappear

After a while


Whatever happens

We can’t do it without them

Maybe we at last will


That we have doomed ourselves

To starve and die


Think of them kindly

And they will appear the ones

Those who still are here



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